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Session Overview
Industry Event: Agilent Technologies "How ICP-MS and ICP- MS/MS provide critical key data from resources to processing"
Wednesday, 22/Sept/2021:
12:30pm - 1:30pm

Lecturer: Gernot Hudin and Jörg Hansmann

This lunch seminar is aimed at all users, students, and laboratory managers to demonstrate the full range of possibilities offered by modern ICP-MS. The second part will then present the ICP-MS/MS technique as a tool for particularly demanding tasks or connections to laser systems. The technique is based on the fact that, with suitable pre-sorting of the ions in the first quadrupole before the collision/reaction cell, particularly strong molecular interferences and even isobaric superpositions can be processed. In this way, particularly detectable elements can be determined in difficult sample types such as geochemical digests, for which there was previously no good determination option.

Session Abstract

The challenges in element analysis are becoming more and more demanding due to adapted regulations. When we look future for elemental analysis, we could think of new inclusions to this where, by certain techniques such as AAS and ICP-OES could well have reached their limits of detection. Listening to the thoughts in the market these new inclusions could encompass; the addition of Uranium to the TVO, the lowering of the limits of detection for Cr and Pb, or even that the determination of element species such as inorganic As and Cr VI become of greater interest. In addition to this we hear ongoing discussions in the field around the determination of synthetic inorganic nanoparticles in the Environmental and Food markets.